A Guide to Vaping Flavours

One of the best things about vaping is that there are so many delicious flavours to choose from. All e-juice flavours used to be pretty basic, and some still are. That’s no bad thing because it’s always good to have choice.

But these days, you don’t have to stick to one basic flavour. There are some incredibly tasty blends out there (you’ll find a good number in our store!)

Flavour is a big part of the experience for vapers. The equipment you use plays a big role, but the flavour of the e-juice cannot be ignored. But choosing one can be tricky – there are so many! Here’s a guide to the basic options.


If you are quitting smoking, a tobacco flavoured e-liquid could be the perfect starter. Just be aware that these will taste different from the cigarette smoke you’re used to, but it may be worth trying.

You can get fairly basic tobacco flavours, or more elaborate flavours like our very own Liquid Gold.

Single-Flavour E-Juice

The most basic types of e-juices come in a single flavour, and this could be anything from mango to chocolate to cola. There is not a lot to say about these – you just need to try them and find one you like.

You can then customise the flavour by the ratio of VG and PG as well as the nicotine strength, but it all comes down to personal preference.

Multi-Flavoured E-Juice

The other option is a multi-flavoured e-juice, and this is what we specialise in here at Vape Tings. Think of your favourite dessert or meal – you can almost certainly get a flavour for it.

There are so many incredible flavours out there, and we’re coming up with new inventions all the time. We love getting creative, and you’ll love vaping them.

For example, you will find everything from Chewy Strawberry (Strawberry Fruit Chew Sweets) to Blue Ballz (Blueberry Doughnut) and many more in our store. So experiment, try out different options and find your perfect flavour.

Choose the Very Best

What you have to remember is that one store selling a particular flavour may have nothing in common with the same flavour e-juice at another store. It all comes down to the quality of the flavours.

That’s why we only use the best flavours to mix our blends. We use premium flavourings and have fewer additives – and that makes a big difference.

Beware Too Much Sweetness

There’s nothing wrong with a sweet-flavoured e-juice. Some of our most popular blends are sweet, like Custard Millionaire (Custard, Caramel and Shortcake). But be careful with sweetness – too much, and it can actually excessively damage your coils.

When there is too much sugar in the e-juice, this can lead to a build-up of an unburnt caramel-like substance on the coils, preventing them from working properly. A high amount of sweetener in the e-liquid can also gunk up the wicking material, reducing the lifespan of your coil.

That’s why our e-juices have just the right amount of sweetness to taste great without damaging your equipment.

Other Factors that Affect the Flavour

There are other factors that affect the flavour, including:

  • Temperature
  • Wattage
  • Airflow
  • Type of coil
  • Wicking Material

We won’t go into details on these here, but just keep in mind that the flavour is affected by all these factors. Once you start vaping more, you might want to experiment for yourself.

And if you want to enjoy the best experience, make sure you care for your e-juice properly. This means storing it correctly by keeping it away from the light and heat sources.


The huge variety of flavours is one of the things that makes vaping so enjoyable. This guide gives you a brief overview, but our advice is simply to experiment and enjoy trying out new flavours until you find one that becomes your favourite everyday vape.

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