So, Just How Safe Is Vaping?

What the Research Says

It’s easy to listen to your friend say that vaping is much safer than smoking, but that’s just an opinion. You need to back it up with some hard facts – and that’s when you should turn to the professional reviews.

Like the expert independent review from Public Health England (PHE), which was published in August 2015. This found that “e-cigarettes are around 95% less harmful than smoking”.

The Royal College of Physicians also released a report stating that the health hazard of vapour inhalation from e-cigarettes is “unlikely to exceed 5% of the harm from smoking tobacco”. It also recommends promoting e-cigarettes as an alternative to smoking alongside other nicotine replacement therapies (NRT).

In addition, according to Cancer Research UK, going smoke-free can prevent at least 15 types of cancer.

It’s one of the biggest questions in the vaping world: exactly how safe is it?

One of the primary benefits of vaping is that it is a way to help give up smoking. But what if you’re just switching one harmful habit for another?

The truth is, it’s still too early to say exactly how safe or unsafe vaping is. But judging by the latest research that has been published, it looks like vaping should definitely be considered as a much safer alternative to smoking.

Does This Make Vaping Safe?

Just because vaping is considered safer than smoking, this doesn’t make it a completely harm-free activity.

In fact, it’s for this reason that no one recommends non-smokers take up vaping. This is partly due to the nicotine content. Although nicotine is widely considered a relatively safe drug, it does have some health risks.

Overall, more long-term research is needed before we can say exactly how safe vaping is.

The Great Misconception

The same PHE review quoted above also references a common problem, that 44.8% of the population doesn’t realise that vaping is “much less harmful than smoking”.

There are many reasons for this. For one, vaping is treated like smoking in that you cannot vape in places where you cannot smoke.

There are also more dubious reports published in other countries that spark alarmist headlines about the dangers of vaping.

Because vaping is still so new, many countries have simply banned the sale of e-cigarettes entirely, and this continues to feed the misconception. This is a shame because many smokers will avoid switching if there is no clear benefit to their health.

Get More Info at the Advocacy Groups

For more information, visit the websites of the various advocacy groups in the UK. Three of the main ones are:

These represent the vape industry in the UK, and they are packed with information, reports and research that can help you make up your own mind how safe vaping is.

The Jury’s Still Out

As you can see, there is a lot of solid evidence out there that vaping is considerably safer than smoking. That’s one of the reasons why so many smokers are switching to vaping in the first place.

But whether you vape is a personal decision, and you should make up your own mind. Read the reports, gather information from professional organisations and let them guide you in your decision-making process.

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