Types of Vapers 1: Flavour Enthusiasts and DIYers

The wonderful thing about vaping is that there are so many ways to enjoy it. There is always something new to learn about this wonderful hobby, as you’ll soon find out if you ever speak to other vapers.

So I thought we’d put together a few blogs about the types of vapers out there. Perhaps you recognise yourself as one of them?

In the first post in the series, we’re going to look at a couple of my favourite types of vapers: flavour enthusiasts and DIYers.

Flavour Enthusiasts

Also known as ‘Flavourists’, the flavour enthusiasts are those vapers who care passionately about one thing above all else: flavour (surprise!)

These vapers are determined to seek out new and exciting flavours, wherever that journey may lead them.

They may well have their favourite flavours that they return to time and time again, and over time they will build up a collection of flavours for different seasons, times of the day and moments.

Are they seeking the one ‘perfect’ flavour? Perhaps. But more often than not, they just want to try new things – and they love to experiment.

They often review flavours once they have tried them out, sharing their thoughts with the world so others can either try them out or stay away.

Indeed, you will often come across their feedback on vaping forums where they share their views with anyone who wants to listen. They may run a blog, and they are a great source of information if you are keen to try new flavours yourself.


The next group often has some crossover with flavour enthusiasts. These are people who may or may not be keen on trying all the flavours they can, but they are dead set on finding the perfect vape experience – and they are prepared to get their hands dirty.

They won’t just buy a vaping pen and stick with that. No way! These people get into the nuts and bolts of vaping.

That means making their own coils, experimenting with airflow, trying different temperature settings, and changing everything there is to change.

These are tinkerers, they love taking apart equipment and finding out what they can about it, then making changes they hope will improve it (sometimes successful, sometimes not!)

Aesthetics is not important to these vapers: they only care about the actual vaping experience.

Then there are those who focus their DIY efforts on the e-liquid part of vaping, and these people are sometimes called mixologists. These are the chemists of the vaping world, constantly mixing up flavours and coming up with their own creations.

Whether they focus mainly on the mechanics of vaping or concocting their own e-juices, for these vapers it’s all about finding the best vaping experience possible.

Recognise These Vapers?

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And don’t miss the next blog where we’ll look at some more types of vapers you may recognise.

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