Types of Vapers 2: Cloud Chasers and Tricksters

In this second blog in the series, we’ll be looking at some more types of vapers. These ones you will have definitely seen around. In fact, they are hard to miss. Even if you’re not one yourself, you will certainly know about them.

So let’s take a closer look at Cloud Chasers and Tricksters, the stunt men and women of the vaping world.

Cloud Chasers

Cloud chasers are particularly easy to spot, which is why you have probably seen at least a few of them before.

They are usually to be found somewhere underneath a large, billowing cloud of vapour, so you can spot them a mile away.

For cloud chasers, it is all about the vapour (as you might have guessed). For them, clouds become something of an obsession. They absolutely love breathing out a huge cloud of vapour into the air – thick, white and satisfying.

You won’t find them with any old vaping pen. No, these vapers will carry around a mod that has been tuned to the max to product great big clouds. That means one that has a particularly high wattage (100W or 200W) and a very low-resistance coil.

And while they may not be overly concerned about the flavour of their e-liquids, one thing they do insist on is a high percentage of VG – the more VG, the higher the vapour level.

For them, it’s like a kind of sport to see how big they can blow their clouds. It’s great to watch them because they clearly get so much satisfaction from their hobby, and that’s what we like to see!


Tricksters are similar to cloud chasers, and there is often some crossover. In fact, some vapers probably start out as cloud chasers and then realise they want to do even more with all those billowing clouds of vapour, so they learn a few tricks.

Just as there have always been smokers who like blowing smoke rings, there are vapers who love doing tricks. The beauty, of course, is that they don’t have to breathe in dangerous smoke in order to practice for hours.

These vapers really love their vapour, and they are not content with just producing a lot of it – they want to make it do cool things. They love blowing shapes and competing with other tricksters.

They practice all the time, at home, at the bus stop and in the vape bar, creating tornados and blowing O-rings.

Here’s a great video showing some of the cool things they can do:


They are great to watch and a lot of fun. You may even want to learn a trick or two from them!

Fancy Learning Some Tricks?

Cloud chasers and tricksters are great fun to have around. Sometimes it’s hard to believe just how much vapour a cloud chaser can produce in one breath. And some of the tricks created by the tricksters are quite incredible.

These are the showmen of the vaping world. As well as providing entertainment, they show that there are many different ways to enjoy vaping.

In the last in this series, we’ll be taking a look at some other types of vapers who you might recognise. See you there!

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