Types of Vapers 3: Hardcore Vapers

So here we are at the last blog post in this short series. In this post, we’ll be looking at a type of vaper who you almost certainly know: the hardcore vaper. Let’s take a look.

The Hardcore Vaper

What is a hardcore vaper? For these vapers, their vaping hobby is everything. It’s their life. When they are not physically vaping, they are talking about vaping. When they are not talking about vaping, they are reading about vaping.

Often, they have an almost encyclopedic knowledge of vaping. They know all about the latest flavours, mixes, ingredients, mods and gadgets on the vaping scene. They are constantly reading up on the latest tips, tools, news and any other information they can absorb.

These vapers can vape for hours a day and never get fed up. They love it. And if you have a question about vaping, these are the people to ask because they are almost certain to know the answer.

And the Rest…

As well as the vapers we’ve already looked at, there are a few more that you may have spotted around.

Recent Quitters – These are the vapers who have recently quit their smoking habit. In fact, most vapers start out this way, and you’ve probably been one yourself even if you’re not one any more! The big issue at this stage is finding a replacement for smoking. Quitters may not know a lot about flavours, ingredients and mods, but they will soon!

(By the way, if you’re in this situation, a tobacco-flavoured e-juice like our very own Liquid Gold might be to your liking!)

Switchers – These are the vapers who want to quit smoking … but haven’t quite managed it yet. So they switch between the two, having a vape here and a cigarette there. Many of you may have been at this stage once, but hopefully you’ve managed to kick the smoking habit!

Veterans – These vapers have been vaping for years. They started when vaping first arrived on the scene all those years ago, and they’ve seen it all and done it all before. They know all there is to know about vaping, making them a great source of information.

Activists – These are real vaping enthusiasts, and you’ll know them because they are always going on about the benefits of vaping, new research, regulations and more. They are seriously pro vaping rights, which makes them very useful for the rest of us!

What Kind of Vaper Are You?

So now we’ve looked at the different types of vapers, which type are you? Are you a flavour enthusiast? A hardcore vaper? A cloud chaser?

Whichever type of vaper you are, we’re sure we’ve got something for you in our store. We believe that no matter which type of vaper you are, it all starts and ends with great e-juices. That’s why at Vape Tings we’ve got a large and growing selection of innovative and superior-quality e-liquids for you to discover.

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